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“Matt Weber is the voice of a new generation of Catholics.”
– CBS News

As a fourth grader at Holy Cross Grammar School, Matt Weber asked his religion teacher why St. Francis was often pictured with holes in his hands and feet. She responded that those holes were known as the stigmata and that they reflected the wounds Jesus received during his crucifixion. “And how did he get them?” the curious Weber asked. “He got them because he was a good Catholic,” was the reply. And so that night, Weber recounts, he did a little more sinning than usual—just to be certain he wouldn’t receive the stigmata!

In Fearing the Stigmata, twenty-something Matt Weber— a Harvard graduate, television producer, and certified rosary-bead carrier—employs his sharp wit, earnest candor, and gift for great storytelling to illustrate for young adult Catholics both the real challenges and the immense joys of publicly living out the Catholic faith. The fact that Weber has discovered a way to have a deep, ever-growing faith life that also manages to be culturally relevant will offer hope to many currently disengaged Catholics in the 18-to-35 age range.

From smuggling ice-cream sundaes into cloistered convents to telling jokes to an outdoor statue of Mary at a busy intersection in Boston, Fearing the Stigmata amusingly but honestly explores the tension this layman experiences between wanting to be holy yet “fearing being made holey.” Indeed, Weber attends Mass every Sunday morning; but the temptation is there, he admits, to sneak out early so he won’t miss kickoff!

4 thoughts on “Book

  1. I listened to you at SiriusXM a few minutes ago in your discussion with Sister Marie (a replay broadcast). It is now about 2:15 AM Sunday October 7th. I like what you are doing and wish you great success. I plan to download a copy of your book for my vacation with my great wife of 42 years on a cruise to Hawaii later this week. Congratulations on your engagement. Marriage is a great commitment.

    • Thank you Stephen! Many thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed reading your kind post. Enjoy Hawaii and a wonderful marriage!



  2. Hi every one marriage is beautiful i am married 25 years its been a world wind romance lol laughs every minute sadness so great being alive

    bless you

  3. Matt,
    Enjoyed your break out session in NOLA this past weekend. You have encouraged me to continue to reach out to young adults. The 18-35 age group is my target as there is much suffering there. New ideas abound due to your creativity and contagious passion. My new project is to read-aloud your book, “Fearing”, and openly discuss the Holy Spirit inspired topics it will prompt. Really excited as I begin tonight with 20 sixteen year-old students in the confirmation class here in Thibodaux, LA
    Blessings to you. Remember you are the apple of God’s eye.

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